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MITSOUKO by Guerlain is a women's "Eau de Parfum" from the Chypre Floral family. It is one of the longest-lasting perfumes of the firm, which today can only be found in very few points of sale and which is still a benchmark in selective and classic perfumery.

This fragrance was launched in 1919 by Jacques Guerlain himself. For its creation, the perfumer took inspiration in a romantic French novel, in which its protagonist 'Mitsouko', married to a Japanese admiral, must hide her love for a British officer, and wait until the end of the war to discover which of the two men will return from the battle and stay by her side until eternity.

A somewhat tragic story but one that struck Monsieur Guerlain, who embodied all that feeling and passion in this iconic perfume, in those years practically unattainable for most people, since perfumery was a synonym with luxury and only accessible to very few users.

THE FIRST FRUITY CHYPRE IN THE WORLD. This perfume was recognized as the first Fruity Chypre in the world of perfumery. These perfumes adopt woody base notes, woody and humid, a refreshing top notesand a floral or fruity heart, very special perfumes reserved until today for unique and daring women.

MITSOUKO. The name of this fragrance means 'mystery' in Japanese, and its aroma reflects the intense and enigmatic character of its protagonist, as well as that of the woman who carries it. A memorable aroma which invites us to travel back to the 1920s, to experience firsthand the story of that impossible love.

MITSOUKO TRADITION. Guerlain is one of those brands that always leaves its mark, and this time it has become a family tradition for several generations. A totally anonymous Spanish family has taken the habit of gifting this fragrance, from mothers to daughters as if it were a symbol of maturity. Real stories that demonstrate once again the power of a perfume.
Olfactory groups
Fruity Chypre
Release Date
Olfactory family: Chypre Fruity.

Top notes: citrus fruits, jasmine, rose and bergamot.

Heart notes: lilac, peach, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose.

Base notes: spices, amber, cinnamon, vetiver and oak moss
TIPS FOR USE MITSOUKO by Guerlain is a fragrance belonging to the Floral Chypre family for women. Its olfactory nuances make it a timeless classical fragrance suitable for any time of day and degree of formality.

Its notes offer excellent sillage and lastingness.

GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS To prolong the aroma for longer, apply to the inside of the wrists and behind the ear lobes. These pulse zones have a higher temperature than the rest of the body, helping the fragrance evaporate more slowly.

Perfume applied directly on clothes may stain, damage or alter the fabric.

Keep your fragrance out of direct sunlight and away from heat, otherwise its composition could be altered and become little more than a sad reminder of your favorite fragrance.

CONSERVATION To prolong the fragrance trail, we recommend using the other products in the range, such as shower gels, body lotions or deodorants.

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I ADORE Mitsouko
I ADORE Mitsouko,it stands the test of time,and so glad its still available. It has a class of its own.
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