Sisley SUPER SOIN SOLAIRE autobronzant hydratant visage


SUPER SOIN SOLAIRE autobronzant hydratant visage by Sisley .

Self-tanning facial treatment with hydrating effect.

This product is considered the best alternative if we cannot sunbathe a lot, but we want to have a healthy tan.

Its formula provides a natural and even tan and visibly hydrated and radiant skin instantly. Its main ingredient is alpine rose extract, known for its antioxidant properties that enhance the luminosity of the face.

The result is a skin that better reflects light, with a radiant and uniform tan.

It provides a fast and long-lasting coloration with a natural effect. Its active ingredients retain water so that the skin is softer, more elastic and brighter.

Its fresh and floral fragrance and soft texture will make its application ultra sensory and super pleasant.
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Sisley - SUPER SOIN SOLAIRE autobronzant hydratant visage - Reviews

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