Aramis Lab Series LS the grooming oil 3in1 shave & beard oil

Beard care

LS The Grooming Oil 3 in 1 Shave & Beard Oil by Lab Series. Suitable for all skin types.

This facial oil has been made with essential oils, vitamins and moisturizing agents to aid in the shaving process, for a luxuriously healthy and soft beard, meeting the needs of each user's personal hygiene.

It is a very useful and versatile product with three different functionalities:

· Pre-Shave It acts as an emollient on the skin to facilitate blade glide.

· Improves shaving. Thanks to the improved blade glide, the risk of possible nicks or irritations is significantly reduced.

· Grooming. Enhances manageability and smoothness, and adds an extra shine.

Suitable for all skin types and ages.
Skin type
All skin types
Its main components include:

· Jojoba oil, which has antioxidant, and anti-inflamatory properties.

· Almond oil, responsible for in depth skin nourishment.

· European Oil, known for its nourishing properties.
Shake oil before use.

· To prepare the beard, apply a small amount before shaving cream or foam.

· For shaving, apply liberally on clean, damp skin.

· To care for the beard, massage a few drops of product into beard and leave on. No rinse required.
Recommended for all skin types no matter their age. For best results, combine with the other skin treatment products from the LAB SERIES brand, such as its moisturizing, cleansing or eye contour treatments.

Aramis Lab Series - LS the grooming oil 3in1 shave & beard oil - Reviews

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