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Revlon Make Up SMOKY EYES BRUSH is a double-function brush that facilitates the creation of smoked finishes. It is able to exercise two different actions depending on the extreme:

· One end is a natural hair brush that helps to spread any type of shade, either in powder or cream.

· The opposite end is an eyeliner brush made with synthetic hair that facilitates the smoky and diffused finish.

It is a complete brush that will help to achieve professional results.
This brush is made with synthetic hair in the eyeliner and 100% natural hair in the diffuser.

All the matterials have gone through quality and safety controls.
Tips to keep makeup brushes correctly:

- Wash your brushes once every two weeks with neutral soap and water.

- Place them on a towel outdoors until they are completely dry.

- Protect bristles to prevent their falling, curling or weakening with special cases for brushes.

- Remember to always remove excess powder before applying it on the face for a natural finish.

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