Darphin ESSENTIAL OIL ELIXIR orange blossom aromatic care

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ORANGE BLOSSOM AROMATIC CARE by Darphin, an essential aromatherapeutic oil for the care of normal skin.

Essential oils are the fundamental step in daily care that we should include little by little in our routine, as Asian women, who have been using pure oils for years as a complement to their skin care for the face and body, know about the effectiveness of these products.

This clarifying aromatic oil floods the skin with the natural extracts of a wonderful cocktail that includes:

· Orange Blossom · Lemon · Carrot · Lavender · Chamomile · Blue Cranberry · Red Cranberry It has a wonderful fragrance and with some unique properties that manage to lighten the face, unify its tone, soften the skin and prevent the appearance of future dark spots.

Perfect for normal skin, its extracts are pure.
Between 18 and 25 years old / Between 26 and 35 years old / Between 36 and 50 years old / More than 50 years old / Under 18
Skin type
All skin types
Parabens Free / Organic
Its formula is composed of a unique combination of 7 pure extracts in oil.
Start the ritual by opening the jar and breathing in deeply to appreciate the aroma. Apply 5 drops on the palm of the hand and heat it up between both palms so that the oil penetrates face and neck with a circular massage starting in the center of the face and moving outwards.
This oil complements the daily skin care routine for normal skin or for those looking to eliminate irregular skin tone. It should be applied in combination with the rest of the facial care products, always before applying moisturizer. Perfect for combination with any DARPHIN facial care line.

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