Darphin CC CREAM instant multi-benefit care SPF35

CC Cream

CC CREAM instant multi-benefit care by DARPHIN is a multifunctional tinted corrective cream. For a uniform, radiant and perfect skin with just one single product.

This CC Cream achieves a natural and luminous finish thanks to its combination of embellishing pigments and pearls that reflect light. Helps to achieve a smoother skin, eliminates redness and brings luminosity to the face.

It includes a mattifying and moisturising treatment as well as SPF, which helps to maintain the natural defenses of the skin and to embellish it with daily use.

Recover radiant and fresh skin!

DARPHIN was founded in Paris in 1958 by Pierre Darphin. Thanks to his work, new standards and services were established in facial and cosmetic treatments, always with the most exquisite formulas. The brand's effort to combine the knowledge of the best experts in the cosmetic field, achieved recognition for DARPHIN products as great representatives of cosmetic excellence, even more than 50 years after the appearance of the brand.

Not comedogenic.
SPF Protection
High (SPF 30 - SPF 50 +)
Skin type
All skin types
Hypoallergenic / Parabens Free / No Comedogenic
Its main components include:

· Embellishing pigments and pearls that reflect light.

· Caffeine: skin reactivator.

· Vitamin E and antioxidants: a rejuvenating effect.

· Protection factor: to protect the skin from UV and UVA rays.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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