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SPECIAL EYES precision eyeliner pencil by Rimmel London, a soft and long lasting pencil eyeliner.

Perfect definition and lasting colour! This eyeliner has an extra soft lead that allows a super easy application without losing intensity, since the colour lasts for up to 12h. The perfect solution for simple, carefree makeup or as a complement to the most elaborate makeup.

Despite its gentle formula, it has the necessary firmness to draw defined lines, so it can be used on the upper, lower lid or the inside of the lid. Risk free! Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.
Here are some tips and tricks to turn symmetric eyeliner application into a easy, simple yet precise operation:

- Apply an eye base to clean, toned upper eyelid skin. Otherwise, a translucent powder to absorb excess oiliness in that area.

- Slightly tilt your head back and keep your eyes slightly open during application, so you can see the result in the mirror.

- Start with the upper eyelid. Draw a line from the tear duct corner to the outer angle of the eye. If you are looking for a more natural finish, you can blur the line with a brush.

- For the lower eyelid the application is the other way around, as we start from the outside corner working inwards angle towards the tear duct, along the line of the eyelashes.

- Finally, for a more intense look and to finish the makeup, apply a mascara.

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