Rimmel London NAIL NURSE CARE base & top coat 5en1

Nail polish

Brittle or weakened nails? Does your nail polish not resist the activity of your day to day? No worries, Rimmel London presents the solution.

NAIL NURSE CARE Base & Top Coat is a nail polish that fulfills the function of a pre-base and nail polish finisher. Its formula treats nails to improve their resistance and avoid the appearance of possible scales, and helps the polish for a better hold.

In addition, it also works as a Top Coat, so when applied on polish provides a touch of brightness and durability.

Include this nail polish in your manicure routine for healthy nails dazzling with shine!
For a perfect and long-lasting manicure follow our recommendations:

- Clean your nails using nail polish remover and cotton. Then cut, file and buff the nails for a level and smooth surface.

- Before applying the polish, apply a thin layer of Vaseline around nails, so that if polish smudges over onto the skin, it is very easy to remove the excess from the skin around the nail.

- Apply a base coat on each nail and wait a few seconds until it is completely dry.

- Choose the polish colour and apply a coat to the nails, removing the excess product beforehand by wiping the brush through the neck of the bottle. Let this thin layer dry, and then apply a second layer.

- Finally, apply a finishing layer for long-lasting extra shine and greater strength.

- To dry nails in just a few moments, dip them in iced water, so the polish hardens more quickly.

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