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Rimmel London EXAGGERATE waterproof eye definer

Eyeliner pencils

EXAGGERATE Waterproof Eye Definer by Rimmel London. High precision, long-lasting automatic lip liner.

The time has come to up your look with a touch of colour!

This retractable eyeliner has a pleasant texture which makes application and blurring easier, since it glides very easily onto the eyelids. In addition, one end includes a sponge and a pencil sharpener, to keep the lead always in perfect condition and improve accuracy.

Its water-resistant formula guarantees up to 10 hours of colour without the need for retouching, thanks also to its ultra-pigmented and vibrant shades, which, depending on the colour you choose, offer a matte or metallic finish.

Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.
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Here are some tips and tricks to turn symmetric eyeliner application into a easy, simple yet precise operation:

- Apply an eye base to clean, toned upper eyelid skin. Otherwise, a translucent powder to absorb excess oiliness in that area.

- If you are going to apply eye shadow, do so before applying the eyeliner.

- Avoid applying the eyeliner in a single stroke, in order to {ensure a precise line. Draw small dots along the upper line of the eyelashes, keeping the same space between each one.

- Then, with short swift strokes, join up the dots in a thin line. If there is any space left between the line and the eyelashes, fill it in for a softer looks.

- Draw the corner on the outside of the lashes to create a continuous eyelash line. This can be more emphasized or discreet, depending on the look you want to achieve.

- Finally, for a more intense look and to finish the makeup, apply a mascara.

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