Shiseido WASO clear mega-hydrating cream

Acne Treatment Cream & blackhead removal

WASO Soft Cushy Polisher by Shiseido. Intensive hydrating gel-textured cream for the care of young normal and/or dry skin.

This refreshing gel keeps the skin hydrated for 24 hours, improving the signs of dryness and / or tightness and controlling excess shine on younger skin.

With its use, the skin undergoes a considerable change becoming more supple, smooth and uniform, free of visible pores and totally revitalized.

Its ultra light texture is quickly absorbed so it instantly penetrates the skin without leaving an oily or sticky sensation.

Its formula, without mineral oils or parabens, is ultra kind to the skin, and can also be used for sensitive skin.

Dermatologically tested. Not comedogenic.
Between 18 and 25 years old / Between 26 and 35 years old
Skin type
Dry / Normal
Day and Night
Its components include:

· Carrot cells, with moisturizing properties.

· Glicilglicine, which prevents and reduces the appearance of pores.

· PhytoResist System+, a cutaneous hydration system.

· Extract of Peony Root, avoids the appearance of imperfections.
Apply morning and night to clean and balanced skin, and gently massage in until completely absorbed.
Recommended for young, normal and/or dry skin.

For guaranteed best results, we recommend using the product in combination with the other products from the WASO line, such as its cleaning and tonifying system.

Shiseido - WASO clear mega-hydrating cream - Reviews

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