Estée Lauder PURE COLOR eyeshadow palette

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Estée Lauder PURE COLOR Envy Eyeshadow Palette includes 5 shades with finishes and intensities that allow to achieve an infinity of styles.

These eyeshadows illuminate, sculpt and define our look thanks to its combination of light, medium and dark tones, all of them latest trend colors.

Its light and dusty texture is fixed on the eyelid for long hours (12 hours with wet application and 10 hours with dry application) without the need of retouching.

Its bright and intense color pigments do not crack on the eyelid, but keep the area completely smooth and refined.

In addition, the palette includes a mirror and two applicator brushes for the upper eyelid and eye contour.

The result is incredible and unique for each user: degraded looks, full of light and depth, and totally attractive and daring!
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One of its main active ingredients is:

· Talc, that improves the makeup fixation and duration.

· Wheat germ extract, that smoothes and prevents premature aging.
Tips for an intense, attractive and beautiful look:

- To achieve a professional finish, use three different shades. Remember that they must be combined shades of the same range. Choose a main shade and, in accordance with it, a clearer one to illuminate and a darker one to intensify.

- Apply a pre-base to smooth and soften the eyelid and prevent the shadows from cracking.

- First, apply the main shadow on the mobile eyelid and spread it outwards with the help of a brush.

- Then, apply the darker tone to mark, define and intensify the look. Extend it to the outside of the eye.

- Finally, apply the clear shadow in the lacrimal and under the eyebrow. It will provide strategic points of light and you will look radiant.

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