Estée Lauder PURE COLOR DESIRE rouge excess lipstick


PURE COLOR DESIRE Rouge Excess Lipstick by Estée Lauder , a lipstick that provides intense color and extreme hydration.

With a luxurious texture, this lipstick manages to provide vibrant color in a single pass without detracting from comfort thanks to its extreme hydrating formula. It is one of the most pigmented formulas of the brand, since it has 25% pure and intense pigment that lasts up to 8 hours.

Its coverage, creaminess and application allow a luxurious finish, with defined, voluminous and very soft lips. Its variety of shades has two irresistible finishes: Creme and Chrome. The first provides a very glamorous creamy satin tone, the second provides a brighter, slightly metallic tone.

With a truly elegant and luxurious presentation, its gold-dyed faceted case features the brand's brooch in red to make it an object of desire that cannot be missing in the vanity case.
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Estée Lauder - PURE COLOR DESIRE rouge excess lipstick - Reviews

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