Estée Lauder PURE COLOR ENVY eyeshadow

Eye shadow

Estée Lauder PURE COLOR ENVY Eyeshadow allows to make different looks with different finishes: matte, velvet, luminous or bright.

Its ultra-thin formula slides and mixes without any effort.

It can be used dry for a softer result or we to enhance the color providing our eyes more depth.

Combine the colors and get the desired result: a look full of intensity and light!
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Tips for an intense, attractive and beautiful look:

- To achieve a professional finish, use three different shades. Remember that they must be combined shades of the same range. Choose a main shade and, in accordance with it, a clearer one to illuminate and a darker one to intensify.

- Apply a pre-base to smooth and soften the eyelid and prevent the shadows from cracking.

- First, apply the main shadow on the mobile eyelid and spread it outwards with the help of a brush.

- Then, apply the darker tone to mark, define and intensify the look. Extend it to the outside of the eye.

- Finally, apply the clear shadow in the lacrimal and under the eyebrow. It will provide strategic points of light and you will look radiant.

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