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Foundation makeup

DREAMSKIN MOIST & PERFECT cushion refill by Dior , the fusion of treatment and makeup in a wearable format.

It is much more than fluid makeup, much more than a treatment, since it manages to unify the best of both. Effective at any age, it is capable of restoring hydration, sublimating and protecting the skin.

Its cushion format in a rechargeable case allows it to be transported comfortably so that it can be reapplied whenever necessary. In addition, by being able to purchase the recharges separately, we are faced with a product that is very committed to the environment.

With a unique concentration of treatment and flaunting Dior savoir-faire , it incorporates innovative active ingredients that provide a unique feeling of comfort and freshness that is perceived during the day. In addition, glycerin of plant origin has been added, known for its moisturizing and moisturizing benefits. The result is smooth, sublimated and juicy skin.

On the other hand, its hydrating ingredients are combined with another innovation from Dior laboratories, mica and soft focus powders. This is how light is maximized and reflected naturally, giving luminosity to the face and helping to optically blur all small skin blemishes and facial irregularities.

As if that were not enough, it also has anti-aging and regenerating properties that allow correcting blemishes and fine wrinkles.

Finally, all this wonder of perfecting treatment is completed with a broad-spectrum SPF50 sun protection factor.

For the first time, in addition to the tones adaptable to each skin, you have an unpublished version without color with its universal treatment formula capable of fusing with any type and tone of skin instantly, correcting imperfections and sublimating with total transparency.

This product is a refill for fluid makeup, does not include the case.
SPF Protection
High (SPF 30 - SPF 50 +)
Skin type
All skin types
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Dior - CAPTURE DREAMSKIN MOIST & PERFECT cushion refill - Reviews

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