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8 antifrizz tips only for curly hair

Previously, we already gave you some anti-frizz tips for curly hair.
As the topic goes a long way, we continue with the second part with more tricks to control frizz

1- Make a bow

Apply a little serum from medium to ends and gather your hair in a bun when it is practically dry. Secure it with a clip or bobby pins to avoid marking, and release your hair just before leaving the house. In addition to getting very natural waves, you will eliminate frizz by finishing drying your stretched hair.

2- Avoid brushing it

If your hair is very curly, the worst thing you can do is brush it. By stretching it, in addition to going against its nature, you will cause a very unflattering frizz effect. Instead, comb it with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to spread the applied products (conditioner, mask, finishing product) and give it the desired shape.

3- Wash it in moderation

Washing your hair excessively can remove the natural oils they need to look healthy, causing frizz to appear. Wash it only when you need it and with shampoos for curly hair, like the already mentioned ranges of products that appear in this post.

4- Condition your curls

Also use conditioners and masks suitable for your hair type and its needs. Brands like Alterna, Redken or American Crew have a wide range of anti-frizz products to nourish, hydrate and tame curly hair.

For the finish, choose a no-rinse finishing product or serum
that controls frizz and adds definition to your curls.
In the section of HAIRDRESSING PRODUCTS of Perfumes Club you will find
a all the anti-frizz products you need.
Choose yours and… bye, frizz!
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