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The best hair brush?

When we wake up every morning, when we want to take care of our image, when leaving home, before a big party,
after a good shower or after a long day at the beach ... hair always plays a super relevant role in our image.

Do you take care of your hair?

Taking care of it is not an easy task, you need to know perfectly the characteristics of your hair in order to understand it and treat it with the right products.

Although we must also admit that when you manage to find the perfect products, everything becomes much easier. For this reason, we are in constant search so that you do not do it and today we present one of them. A top product among our favorites, which has come to take care of your hair to another level. We welcome you to another generation of hair brushes, MANTA Healthy Hair Brush.

Once upon a time...

The story arose when Tim Binnington spent more than 5 years developing (thanks to his more than 30 years of experience in the hairdressing sector) a brush that would take care of the delicate and fragile hair of his wife who began to lose it due to an illness.

The concept was to create a brush that was as delicate as brushing it gently with your fingers and seeing that his wife no longer wanted to use traditional brushes for fear of breakage.
It was then that he realized that many people who suffered from similar diseases or, for whatever reason, had weak, fine or losing hair, could not find a brush that would respect its structure and take care of it during the process of brushing, since healthy hair begins with good brushing.

Is it a brush suitable for everyone?

YES and a thousand times YES. It does not matter how you have your hair because it is a brush that will take care of it no matter what. For those people who are going through processes in which their hair is affected, for those who are beginning to take care of it, for those addicted to beauty and always looking for the best for their hair, for straight, curly or wavy hair. This brush is for everyone.

One brush, hundreds of different uses

- During lathering, it will help you exfoliate the scalp
- On wet hair to apply treatments from roots to ends
- Helps dry the hair with the dryer. Resistant up to 80ºC
- To regularly brush dry hair to minimize breakage and maximize shine.
- It is perfect for hairstyles like ponytails or high buns

Innovation made brush

- Ultra-soft touch and material that guarantees that the hair does not get caught and tear the root.

- Patented FLEXGUARD ™ material, allows each bristle to have a total movement of 360º so that it never stays in tension and causes breakage.

- Thanks to a flexible and ergonomic shape, you will have full control over movements and strength.

- First brush adapted to the palm of the hand and fingers. This flexibility creates less tension and detangles smoothly.

- The capillary massage thanks to its soft bristles improves the flexibility of the scalp and, therefore, improves the stimulation and growth of the hair.

- The material is antistatic to prevent hair from getting out of control with friction

- Developed for 5 years by three design engineers.

What color would you choose?
Without a doubt, it is one of our basics to maintain healthy, strong and shiny hair.
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