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Do you feel part of the change?

What is clear is that we still have a lot to learn and improve about sustainability.
* Nielsen Global Survey, 2018: Mediacom Study 2018

An issue that is being worked on and, as a society, we are improving, changing small gestures individually. Studies show that 80% of generation Z (16-24 years) and Y (25-35 years) feel that companies should also be part of this change for the environment.

If you feel part of the change, we present the new brand that you are going to want to try and we know that your hair is going to love it. WeDo /, a new positive, activist and eco-ethical brand designed for all generations, seeking to offer quality natural products that improve your hair, body and the planet.

We love it for:

1- Minimalist formulas with only 15 ingredients, the only thing you need.
2- Dermatologically tested, products suitable for all skin and hair types.
3- Designed without sulfates, silicones or artificial colorants.
4- With clean label fragrance.
5- 100% recyclable packaging and up to 4% recycled plastic. 1 WeDo products / = 8 plastic bottles
6- From 93% to 99.7% of natural origin and naturally fermented
7- With the Cruelty Free International ™ seal and the Vegan Society, Vegan®.

What lines can we find?

1- Light & Soft, moisturizing and perfect for fine hair without frizz effect.
2- Moisture & Shine, for all hair types, with moisturizing and shine properties.
3- Rich & Repair, ideal for damaged hair that needs repair and nutrition.
4- No plastic Shampoo, in pill form and perfect for all hair types. Up to 80 washes.
5- Creams, moisturizers for skin and hair for day and night.
6- Liquids, natural anti-frizz oil and natural mist with a slight fragrance of petals.
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