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1 bottle is sold every 11 seconds

The founder's bold vision has led her to become
in one of the leading brands in the cosmetics sector worldwide.

It all started in a small Parisian laboratory 31 years ago,
Aliza Jabès identified the real needs that women had.

It was based on creating a cosmetics of natural origin, whose formulations and subsequent manufacture are carried out in France, complying with the requirement of pharmaceutical quality, in addition, with an exceptional sensoriality to awaken all the senses. They currently have 45 patents registered in France.

Little by little and just one year after its creation, its founder created NUXE Cosmetic Treatments. It is the moment of the birth of our beloved Huile Prodigieuse! True icon and known worldwide as one of the best cosmetic oils.

After the creation of Huile Prodigieuse, it was followed by real top sellers such as Rêve de Miel, Crème Fraîche de Beauté or Crème Prodigieuse Boost.

It was in 2002 when Aliza Jabès wanted to offer all women an exclusive space so that they could relax and take care of themselves, the first NUXE spa in the purest Parisian style to date with more than 50 worldwide.

The phenomenon began to grow and today they have a complete range of cosmetic products for any type of need or skin.

Happy 30th birthday Huile Prodigieuse!

According to brand data, a Huile Prodigieuse product is sold every 11 seconds and this year 2021 the brand celebrates the 30th birthday of its flagship product.

It all goes back to 1991 when Aliza was pregnant with her first child and was looking for a product that met various needs, in a single gesture and with a delicate aroma and… voilà! It is a feat with a 98% natural formulation and a dry finish.

Composed of 7 vegetable oils: macadamia, camellia, argan, hazelnut, borage, Tsubaki and sweet almond. All of them achieve a nourishing, repairing and sublimating effect for the skin, body and hair. Better impossible!

The success was such that they expanded the line creating a true collection. In '98 Huile Prodigieuse Or was born adorned with mother-of-pearl to achieve a total sublimation effect.
In 2016, Huile Prodigieuse Riche , a formula rich in Macadamia Oil for the driest skin.
The latest Huile Prodigieuse Florale incorporation whose benefits are the same but with a delicately fresh aroma with delicate notes of white flowers and citrus.

Due to the great success of their formulations and the incredible original aroma, they have released different cosmetic products with the same essence that treat different needs, as well as shower gel, perfume or moisturizing milk.

They say that whoever starts using it will no longer be able to get rid of it
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