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Discover our Iroha product review

Beauty Lovers! Do you know the Iroha brand?

We have tried some of their products and we have loved them!
In this post we want to give you a review of the TOP 3 products that have won by voting.

Iroha is presented as "The cosmetics that make you feel good about your skin . " It is a cosmetic brand with a full range of products for face and body, based on a concept of beauty clean and sustainable, respectful of your skin and na t ural ingredients.

A universe of beauty that values authenticity and naturalness and encourages you to take care of yourself with the aim of feeling good in your skin. So that you are always sure of yourself, showing the world your best version.

Now that you know something more about the brand, here we go with the choice. It has been super difficult having to choose only 3 but… we already have them! The team has tested some of their products and after asking for feedback, we have subjected them to scoring. We could tell you about its entire catalog because the truth is that none of them have let us down, but there are the 3 most favorite ones, chosen for their innovation, comfort and (above all) effectiveness.

In the TOP 3 we find ...


Who do we recommend it to?

For those people who notice their hair dry, frizzy or dull. We would not especially recommend this product for people with an oily scalp.

How is the mode of use?

With previously clean and damp hair, put on the mask and adjust the adhesive. Do a light massage to help the product absorb better. Set the timer for 15 minutes and voila! Remove and rinse with plenty of water.

When to apply it?

We recommend applying it when you notice your hair without life and without shape. Also for special days when you want to show off your hair. Apart from these moments, this mask can be used once a week to keep the hair always nourished and avoid dryness and breakage.

What changes have we seen?

After drying our hair, we could see how it took on better shape, strength and less frizz. We notice it much more nourished and alive, as if we had subjected it to an express hairdressing treatment. Perfectly clean and without residue.

In the TOP 2 we decided on ...


Who do we recommend it to?

For those who always keep their hands hydrated or for those who notice them dry and rough.

How is the mode of use?

Very easy! Place the mask like gloves on your hands and wait 15 minutes. After this time, massage the excess product until completely absorbed and do not rinse!

When to apply it?

It is ideal for this cold season where the hands suffer the effects of low temperatures. We recommend once a week for a maintenance treatment or apply whenever you consider necessary.

What changes have we seen?

We have seen two changes. In those people who had rough and very dry hands, this product has been great to strengthen and repair the skin and leave them soft. For those people who had them hydrated, we have been able to observe how the state of the skin has improved, leaving them super nourished for longer.
All this thanks to cannabis seed oil (intense nutritional agent) and aloe vera (allows healing and promotes cell regeneration)

In the TOP 1 we present you ... WOWWW What a marvel!


Who do we recommend it to?

Definitely everyone! Especially for those who have normal or combination skin and for those who are looking for the perfect treatment to BRIGHTEN the complexion.

How is the mode of use?

It is a 5-day treatment and in the case you will see the 5 vials. We recommend applying it during the day or at night, or even half the blister during the day and the other half at night. With small touches and on clean skin, allow it to be fully absorbed and continue with your usual cream.

When to apply it?

When you notice that your skin is dull, in the season changes or when you see that your skin asks you for an extra luminosity.

We think that it is a very inexpensive and comprehensive treatment for before an important event or date when you want to look more radiant.

What changes have we seen?

They contain Biopeptides, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, E and F, this translates into BRIGHTNESS, LUMINOSIDES AND MORE BRIGHTNESS!

From the first day you will notice how your skin thanks you, returning a healthy and radiant appearance to the face, on the fifth you will also notice it, smooth and hydrated. Those of us who tried these ampoules more than agree on the result! Those who used it before makeup have also told us that it creates a brutal effect. We confess that more than one has repeated.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you want us to do more reviews?
We want to know your opinion!
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