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Verdimill VERDIMILL PROFESIONAL crema anticelulítica reductora acción térmica

Cellulite cream & treatments

Cellulite ceases to be a problem thanks to VERDIMILL PROFESSIONAL anti-cellulite warm reducer, a cream that acts to eliminate cellulite and stop its appearance.

Its rapid absorption formula and warm effect favors lymphatic drainage, firming and reducing accumulated fat to provide a smooth and fully hydrated skin.

This cream is a perfect ally to fight cellulite and provide the necessary humidity levels for a fresh and radiant skin.
Its main active components are:

· Organic iodine, which acts on cell function, favoring the draining action.

· Caffeine, which stimulates the elimination of fat thanks to its lipolytic properties.
These indications must be followed in order to enhance the effects of any anti-cellulite and/or firming treatment:

- The effectiveness of the product is higher if it is applied after having a shower.

- Exfoliate the area to be treated with a horsehair glove using circular movements to smooth the skin texture.

- When massaging the affected area with the product, these movements must be done ascending, thus the circulation will be activated and the product will penetrate more effectively.

- Food must be taken after and a constant routine of exercise must be done, being consistent with the application of the product.
Apply each evening on the body areas most likely to suffer cellulite with a soft massage until completely absorbed.

Verdimill - VERDIMILL PROFESIONAL crema anticelulítica reductora acción térmica - Reviews

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