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Perfume set for woman


Angel by Mugler is an “Eau de Parfum” of wood oriental feminine character. We are facing a perfume from another world, just down from the sky. It is one of the oriental conventional perfumes perfumery. Defines a woman half angel and half demon, a multifaceted and daring woman, whom you hate or, on the contrary, love. This fragrance was born in 1992 by perfumers Olivier Cresp of Yves and Chirin and carries a quarter of a century in the world list of best sellers. It became the best-selling fragrance in France and the second in Europe. This essentially takes us to a fantasy world and invites us to play with imagination and intergalactic romance. Thanks to its wood oriental notes, we have a very intensive fragrance. In its opening we find very sweetish nuances such as melon, coconut and cotton candy; then they come to light certain fruity notes from plum and peach, to finally bring you the last touch of intensive sweetness with vanilla, caramel and dark chocolate. 

INNOVATIVENESS. Many perfumers who have surrendered to the skill and daring of incorporation into this fragrance ingredients ever used in perfumery, managers bring you a sweet and very personal touch.

LOW LEVEL OF ADVERTISING. There have been many perfume industry firms that have declared wanting 'the Angel' in their collections, a perfume that is sold alone and endure over in the years.

JEWEL BOTTLE. This perfume in a bottle star shaped, carved glass bluish, that reminds us of the colour of the night skand lit by the stars.

Olfactory groups
Oriental Gourmand
3439600047417 / 3439600050219
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