Shiseido YANE HAKE precision brush

Makeup brushes

YANE HAKE Precision Brush by Shiseido . A high precision brush for eye makeup.

Made with a defined and highly precise tip, we are dealing with the ideal product for eye makeup, whether it is shadows or eyeliners, or for the filling and definition of eyebrows, making it a very practical and versatile tool.

Its superior design made with synthetic bristles facilitates the definition of the eyebrows and adjusts to the line of the eyelashes to make a professional outline with a custom thickness. In addition, it adapts to all kinds of makeup, whether it be gels, powders, inks and wet effect products, inviting us to create and play mixing colors and textures to achieve a great variety of styles and finishes.

Its innovative hidden center maintains the shape of the product creating a total harmony between resistance and flexibility.

In addition, it has been manufactured faithfully in Japan, maintaining an ergonomic design to offer maximum comfort and precision during use.

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