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Shiseido WASO fresh jelly lotion

Face toner

WASO Fresh Jelly Lotion by Shiseido. Gel textured moisturizing and tonifying lotion with antioxidant properties suitable for all skin types.

This pleasant and refreshing tonic has the peculiarity that its gelatinous texture becomes a light lotion when it comes into contact with the skin, providing an immediate dose of hydration.

Its formula, created for the care of young skin, has antiseptic properties, which favor and help to reduce possible redness or imperfections produced by pimples or acne breakouts.

In addition, it also favors pore reduction, controls shine and optimizes the pH balance of the skin, thus achieving a beautiful and healthy complexion.

After use, the skin is completely clean and conditioned, perfectly prepared to absorb all the benefits of the next treatment.

Formula free of parabens and mineral oils. Dermatologically tested. Not comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types including photosensitive and atopic skin..
Skin type
Sensitive / All skin types
Its main components include:

· Shiro Kikurage, recovers hydration lost in the deeper skin layers.

· Dipotassium glycyrrhizate, eliminates the appearance of redness caused by imperfections.

· PhytoResist system, an exclusive technology that reinforces the skin barrier and regulates cell renewal.
Apply morning and night to clean and balanced skin, before the usual moisturising treatment (serum and cream).

It can be applied with the palm of your hands or with the help of a cotton ball.
Suitable for young and teenage skin, including sensitive skin.

To enhance product benefits for best results, we recommend combining this lotion with products from the WASO line, such as its cleansers or moisturizers.
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