Naturalium SHEA & MACADAMIA body lotion

Body moisturiser

Naturalium SHEA & MACADAMIA Body Lotion has been enriched with pure extracts of shea and macadamia. Thanks to these elements, it is a highly moisturizing body lotion that acts on the skin regenerating cells and nourishing them. The result is a shiny, elastic and strengthened skin.

Naturalium has decided to create a series of products with nuts benefits, as they protect, contribute to cellular regeneration and have a high level of antioxidants that slow premature skin aging.
Its main ingredients are:

· Pure extract of shea and macadamia, two elements known for their high moisturizing and nourishing power that help the elasticity and youth of the skin.
Suitable all skin types, including very dry.

For better absorption of the product, remember to clean your skin with suitable products and exfoliate once a week to remove dead cells.
Apply over clean and dry skin. Lightly massage until completely absorbed.

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