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L'Oréal París BOTANICALS cilantro fuente de fuerza champú

Volumizing shampoo

CORIANDER STRENGTH SOURCE SHAMPOO by L’Oréal Botanicals. Strengthens the hair from the root to the tips.

Inspired in traditional medicine, coriander oil strengthens very damaged or embrittled hair. With a unique formula, it joins the rest of the Botanicals base ingredients (soybean and coconut oil) to provide nutritional benefits.

The shampoo strengthens the hair and cleans it with a light foam that delicately covers the sensitized hair to avoid stripping it. Its creamy texture is very pleasant, leaving hair manageable and much softer.

In addition, it has a stimulating and refreshing aroma starring coriander as the protagonist. As well as spicy notes of pepper and eucalyptus. These stimulate the scalp and fortify hair strands.

Free of silicones, parabens and colourants.
Hair type
Without Volume
Parabens Free / Silicones Free
Its ingredients include:

· Soybean oil: quenching moisture and volume for hair, at the same time this stimulates hair growth.

· Coconut oil which helps reduce the loss of hair proteins and reduces damaged hair.

· Coriander oil: contains many vitamins and proteins that help to strengthen hair, stimulate growth and keep it glossy and bright.
CORIANDER OIL STRENGTH SOURCE SHAMPOO should be used together with other products from the STRENGTH SOURCE line by L'Oréal Botanicals, for maximum effect.

L'Oréal París - BOTANICALS cilantro fuente de fuerza champú - Reviews

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