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Kanebo Sensai SENSAI glowing base SPF10

Foundation makeup

SENSAI Glowing Base SPF10 by Kanebo. A foundation primer that unifies the skin and gives it a radiance boost.

This is the first step for perfect, long-lasting and ultra radiant makeup. This makeup primer prepares skin by correcting texture and unifying tone, to achieve a uniform, smooth and velvety finish.

Its formula has been enriched with pearly pigments with incomparable interior luminosity, achieving a radiant and healthy glow.

In addition, thanks to its hydrating properties, all subsequent makeup is better set, and remains unchanged throughout the day.

Its SPF10 factor keeps skin protected against sun damage, premature aging and cellular oxidation caused by free radicals.

Suitable for all skin types.
SPF Protection
Low (SPF 0 - SPF 10)
Skin type
All skin types
The function of primer is to prepare the skin before applying foundation.

Its benefits include:

- prevents the pigments contained in makeup foundation accumulating in wrinkles and creases.

· tightens and unifies skin tone.

- smooths skin, eliminates shine and prevents excess oil.

- sets colour for a longer-lasting effect.

- a professional blemish-free finish.

- reduces redness and pores.


- Avoid applying large amounts of product, to avoid clogging pores.

- Apply primer after cleansing skin and applying moisturizer.

Kanebo Sensai - SENSAI glowing base SPF10 - Reviews

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