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Kanebo Sensai EYELINER Pencil is an eyeliner with creamy mine that facilitates its application and offers a total precision.

It has a long-lasting and magnificent fixation on the eyelid thanks to its intense color pigments.

Its mine has a sharp angled tip to work the stroke with greater meticulousness and favors the creation of fine lines.

In addition, Kanebo includes an exclusive pencil sharpener to keep the mine well maintained.
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Tips for a simple, precise and symmetrical application:

- On the clean and toned skin of the upper eyelid, apply an eye base, and otherwise translucent powder, to eliminate the excess of fat.

- If you are going to apply eyeshadow, do it before the eyeliner.

- Avoid applying the eyeliner in a single stroke to ensure a precise line. Draw small dots on the upper line of the eyelashes keeping the same space between them.

- Then, join these points in a thin line by short and quick strokes. If there is some space left between, refill it.

- Draw the eye corner to continue with the lash line. It can be more pronounced or discreet, depending on the style.

- Finally, apply the mascara to deepen your look and finish the makeup.

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