Juliette Has A Gun MOSCOW MULE

Eau de Parfum spray for woman


MOSCOW MULE by Juliette Has a Gun is a women's “Eau de Parfum” that is included in the Citrus Aromatic family, launched in 2017 by the perfumer Romano Ricci.

Acid and spicy, so is this fragrance. A stimulating aroma that immerses us in a party without limits and without rules. For MOSCOW MULE there are no schedules or restrictions, a chilling drink that invites us to disinhibit ourselves and live life without fear.

A pleasure without limits to be consumed without moderation!

WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE? An unprecedented aroma, which stands out for its freshness. Composed of notes such as bergamot, lime, ginger, apple, hedione and musks, it envelops the skin and captivates the senses.

MODERN NICHE . We can include the creations of JULIETTE HAS A GUN, within this group of fragrances. Niche perfumes are exclusive essences, which are often not available to everyone, even frequently created to suit whoever requests them. These are distinguished by betting on differentiating for their quality and avoiding any type of media advertising.

A LITTLE HISTORY ... A brand unknown by many and totally new, which was born in France by Romano Ricci, a young man whose family history was always linked to the perfume sector. This young man wanted to create a new concept of perfumery, very personal and highly exclusive, always focused on a young, modern and feminine audience, launching an exquisite collection made up of fragrances wrapped in luxury and sophistication.
Olfactory groups
Citrus Aromatic
Release Date

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