Collistar SILK EFFECT maxi blusher


Collistar SILK EFFECT Maxi Blusher is a maxi-sized blush with a delicious powder texture.

It enhances and sculpts the cheekbones, contours the facial oval and highlights our features offering a natural finish and a revitalized tone.

In addition, this XXL format includes a silky brush that allows to modulate and regulate in a simple way the color intensity.

It is available in a wide range of cheerful colors, all of them unalterable, which facilitates the desired tone according to the skin type.

Suitable for all skin types.
8015150132336 / 8015150132350 / 8015150132381
Main components:

· Vitamin E, a rich antioxidant.

· Hyaluronic acid, that keeps the skin hydrated and softened.
This product vitalizes the face providing freshness and energy. The following steps are recommended for its correct application:

- Choose the blush tone that best suits your skin: white skins should opt for pink or peach tones, and brown skins for orange and brown tones.

- It is the last step of your makeup routine. Rub the brush with circular movements in the blush. Remove the excess product by a gentle touch on the brush or simply blowing on it.

- Show your best smile, since cheekbones are highlighted with this gesture. Apply blush in the accented area with ascending movements.

- Apply a thin layer of powder to fix it.

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