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Color your lashes!

Colored mascara is back and it looks like they will stick around for a few seasons.
To some it will remind you of your adolescence, the blue masks had their peak among the young women of years ago.
This time the colors go beyond blue, green, brown and lilac come together.

Brown mask

If you do not dare to go with a blue or green right off the bat, we recommend that you use a mask in a brown tone for your day to day. You will see that you have a much more natural finish and less hard than with the black mask. It is perfect for fair skin or brown and blonde.

Blue color mask

These masks are perfect for those with light eyes , as it gives them a sparkling and different touch, in addition to highlighting their eyes if they are blue or gray. They are also ideal for brown or very dark eyes, without giving it an overloaded effect, they will have the ability to illuminate and highlight the look.

Green color mask

They are perfect for brown, hazel, honey or brown eyes. It enhances the look in a way that you will not think possible, it widens it, highlights the color of the iris and gives light to the area. The ideal is to maintain a very subtle face makeup with some bronzer and lips in the range of pink.

Violet color mask

Purple or lilac masks are perfect for highlighting greener eyes and dark brown eyes , as these are opposite colors. You must bear in mind that this mask tone cannot be combined with red lipsticks, it is preferable to use nude colors.

How to apply them?

Normally masks with color do not usually have very remarkable effects or finishes, so if you still do not dare to use "full color" and want to have defined and curved lashes, you can apply your usual black mask and apply a colored one only on the tips to highlight them and include color in small doses.

Practically all of us can look good a touch of color on the eyelashes. The point is to choose the color properly.

Have you ever tried them?

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