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Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins

If genetics have given you bushy, bushy eyebrows, you're in luck!
Nowadays, the trend is to be much more natural and we have verified for a few years
that the thin or hyper-plucked eyebrows of other times are no longer worn.

You may think that keeping your eyebrows at bay and with a beautiful shape is complicated (and more from home),
but you don't have to worry. Take note of these tips and you can
sport a spectacular and framed look.

1. Daily care

Yes, your eyebrows are on the face, and yes, they are hair. Why not give them the attention they deserve? Just like you clean your face and give it the care it needs, you cannot forget about your eyebrows, remove them well, clean them and brush them.

If, in addition, you suffer from dry skin or tend to itch, we recommend that you apply some natural oil that keeps skin and hair in the best condition. Leave it on overnight and you will see results.

2. Hair removal and definition

Tip number 1: don't go overboard with the tweezers.

It is very important that you remove only those little hairs that really should not be there. If they only bother you because of the shape they give to your eyebrow, check that if you comb and trim them it is enough. Get a good eyebrow kit (we assure you that it is a good investment, it will last you for years) and do not go near a magnifying mirror, try to have an overview of your eyebrows so that you have perspective of your entire face.

3. Filler and makeup

Tip number 2: your eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

We strive to find a symmetry and a millimeter result that is not real. The eyebrows do not have to be the same, but harmonious with the rest of the face.

If you prefer to put makeup on, we recommend that you look for options with a very natural and powdered finish, whether in pencil, pomade or gel. And always with a lot of pulse, it is better just to fill them in and define the end, than not to draw an outline that is not real.

4. Treatment

It is possible that due to past waxing, genetic or hormonal factors, or other reasons, your eyebrows have lost their density and have hairless areas (bald spots). Using specific treatments you can regain density, promote the growth of new hair and restore your eyebrows to make them stronger, healthier and brighter.

Tip number 3: be consistent with your treatments.

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