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8 tricks to take care of your ends

Why are the tips split?

Split ends appear when the hair cuticle has been damaged.

Cuticles are like scales that, when closed, protect the structure of the hair and give it a healthy and shiny appearance, since, on the smooth strand, light falls and bounces better; But, when these are opened, the hair becomes weak and brittle and the ends are more easily damaged, that is when we use the hairdressing products to take care of it and clean it.

Causes that cause hair thinning

There are multiple causes that cause the appearance of unpleasant split ends such as external agents, abuse of the iron or dryer, poor diet, lack of hair sanitation (cut it periodically), among others.

Prevention and solutions

The most important thing to know is that this problem can be avoided.

- Cut the tips periodically to clean them (every month and a half or two months).

- Do not abuse irons and dryers . In the case of using them, always apply a thermal protector for the hair. Place the dryer at a distance of about 30 cm from the hair and combine hot and cold air.

- Avoid frequent exposure to chemical treatments, such as discoloration. In case we have to treat it chemically, compensate for the dryness with moisturizing and repairing products for the hair.

- Use good hair products to take care of it and prevent split ends .

- Brush the hair gently. It is best to use wide-bristle brushes and combs.

- Eat foods rich in fatty acids, vitamin H or B7 (biotin) and iron to strengthen hair.

- Be careful with the razor cuts of the paraded looks. They can "skew" the strand and favor the appearance of damaged ends.

- Protect hair from exposure to the sun or chlorine with hair products with sun protection.

We leave you a selection of our favorite products to treat hair ...

How do you take care of your hair?

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