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Tired of nail polish lasting 2 days?

As you know, OPI is one of the favorite and TOP brands in the world of hand care.
The products are of high quality, the nail polishes are durable and also
they innovate in their colors season by season, so you will not be able to resist going out of your usual colors.

In their large catalog they have the products called INIFNITE SHINE, it consists of a technology based on 3 simple steps: BASE + COLOR + TOP, with a dazzling shine and long-lasting, its finish is gel effect without the need for a UV lamp. Do you like the idea? Keep reading. In this post we want to show you the necessary products, the steps and what it consists of so that you can wear a heart attack manicure or pedicure.

OPI offers normal polishes with which you can paint your nails to perfection, however, if you want the INFINITE SHINE routine you must have the three necessary polishes because if you only apply one of them it will not come out as it should be, in this case we recommend you normal colors.

The first step

After removing cuticles, filing the nails and having our hands ready to start with the color, we started with INFINITE SHINE step 1 - primer.

It is the base lacquer that protects the nail and helps the later enamel adhere better and lengthen its duration. In this case, we can choose the normal base that prevents flaking, the conditioner, to treat the nail with a fortifying effect and for a greater shine. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

The second step

Once you've applied your foundation and it's dry, it's time for color.
You have a wide variety of shades, on the one hand the classics that are kept in its catalog and on the other hand the special collections that come out each season so that you can wear your nails with the fashionable colors!

A trick ... apply two coats on each nail with a small amount, wait for it to dry between passes, in this way the color will appear more dense.

The third step

Finally, the INFINITE SHINE top coat. Provides nails with a vivid and long-lasting color, without the need for touch-ups. It is transparent in color to show the chosen color.

Apply it when you consider that the colored nail polish is dry, this way they will not mix. You only need to apply a thin layer to each nail.
Then the most difficult step: waiting without touching anything! You can speed up this moment with a drying product.

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