Biotherm BIOSOURCE purifiying & make-up removing milk

Cleansing milk

BIOSOURCE Purifiying & Make-Up Removing Milk by Biotherm is a cleansing and refreshing milk indicated for the care of normal and/or combination skin.

Facial cleansing is one of the most important steps in any beauty routine, so, given its importance, Biotherm presents a pleasant cleansing milk that gently and efficiently removes any type of makeup quickly, while revitalizing and refreshing the skin.

With a pleasant and melting texture, it moisturizes the face avoiding a greasy sensation, providing immediate comfort and softness.

In addition, its delicious fragrance conveys well-being and calm.
Skin type
Combination / Normal
3614271256171 / 3614271256102
Its main active ingredients are:

· Life Plankton™, which revitalizes the skin's basic functions.

· Glycerin, with moisturizing properties.

· Seaweed extract.
Apply to skin with fingertips or with the help of a cotton ball. Rinse off with water or a tonic lotion.
Suitable for combination and/or normal skin.

Combine with other BIOTHERM facial treatment products to enhance benefits for excellent results.

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