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Eau de Parfum - Refillable for woman


Alien Goddess , MUGLER's new feminine perfume, is a sacred promise of femininity and hope. In an age when people seek light in the dark, a solar goddess paves the way to a miraculous but true destiny.

The woman who wears Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum is in perfect harmony with her body and soul. Surrounded by a mystical and incandescent solar glow, enhanced by sparkling notes of Bergamot, Grandiflorum Indian Jasmine and Bourbon Vanilla, she is ready to magnify the world around her with glory, generosity and benevolence.


Woody oriental floral creation, MUGLER's Alien Goddess leaves a trail faceted by the most glorious ingredients in the perfumer's palette that will mesmerize your senses. This new ALIEN perfume for women is a solar floral bouquet that sparkles with faceted luminosity around 3 revelations.

  • Radiant Revelation: The fragrance opens with the radiant revelation of a sparkling essence of Italian bergamot, reminiscent of the first rays of the sun. An intense burst of light through the fragrance, similar to the positive energy of the solar goddess.
  • Miraculous Revelation: An intense solar flower propels the Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum straight to the heights, giving full force to its benevolent message. Acting as a dazzling floral prism, it brings the limelight to a supreme flower: Jasmine Grandiflorum, a truly golden flower, symbol of femininity and sensuality.
  • Conscious Revelation: The conclusion of the message of peace and hope.
    Mindful Revelation reveals the addictive fullness of a Bourbon vanilla. Made for MUGLER, this premium infusion is both soft and enveloping like a comforting silk veil. A delicious Vanilla note with balsamic hues, that will delight your senses with deep and mysterious warm vibrations


A seductive and mysterious Eau de Parfum in a fascinating new talisman bottle. Alien Goddess 90ml, for your bathroom shelf. Alien Goddess 60ml, for your bedside table. Alien Goddess 30ml, for your bag. This captivating bottle adorned in gold, at once organic and dreamlike, with a stunning nuanced metallic lacquer that evokes the sunrise, leaves a lasting impression. It's also available in a 100ml refill bottle so your favorite fragrance experience is never far away.

SUSTAINABILITY , now on everyone's lips, but always the fundamental pillar from which the MUGLER brand grows and develops, in all the sectors in which it operates, and of course the essential in the creation of its fragrances.

Responsible development is at the heart of Mugler's philosophy, allowing loyal customers to keep their bottle forever from the start.

MUGLER is committed to a more responsible luxury by offering unique, refillable bottles at the Mugler Fountain or thanks to the Refill Bottle.

A universal call to all women. Create the extraordinary. Since you are extraordinary.

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