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Sesderma LACTYFERRIN sanitizer gel

Disinfectant Sanitizing Gel

LACTYFERRIN Sanitizer by Sesderma. Hand sanitizing gel for maximum cleaning without water.

Keeping hands clean guarantees protection of our organism. Any time is ideal for the use of this gel, which is suitable for all skin types, as it can be applied as many times as necessary throughout the day.

Due to its composition with Lactoferrin Liposomes, Lactoperoxidase and Chlorhexidine, it has a triple action: it cleanses in depth, moisturizes and takes care of the skin of the hands. It contains 96° Ethanol, perfect for eliminating all types of pathogenic agents. It helps to avoid the propagation through a fast hand hygiene wherever you may be.

Suitable for all types of healthy skin and for the whole family.

Skin type
All skin types
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Parapharmacy / Dermocosmetics
8429979462299 / 8429979462978 / 8429979463012
  • Maximizes hand cleaning.
  • Triple action: Cleaning, moisturizing and care.
  • Lactoferrin Liposomes, Lactoperoxidase, Chlorhexidine.
  • Ethanol 96°.

It is recommended to apply as often as necessary, especially after contact with common surfaces and areas and before bringing hands to face, nose, mouth and eyes. It can be applied alone or after cleaning with soap and water. It does not require rinsing or water, it dries in the air thanks to its alcohol content.

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