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SO REAL CHEAP & CHIC by Moschino is a women's "Eau de Toilette" belonging to the Floral Fruity family. It is a new addition to the 'So Real' saga which adopts a more transgressive, funny and crazy aspect, inspired by the brand's fashion collections.

This fragrance, launched in 2017, surprises us with its new packaging, designed by Jeremy Scott, using original surreal drawings to decorate the bottle, which keeps the same silhouette as the rest of the collection, in honor of Olivia, Popeye's faithful companion.

A refreshing and sparkling fragrance, an aroma that intermixes citric acidity with fruity sweetness, and floral subtlety, creating as a result an explosion of fun, joy and mischief. Some of its most outstanding ingredients are: raspberry, black currant, rose, magnolia and ambroxan.

SALVADOR DALÍ. The aesthetic used by this artist in his works has been chosen to decorate the packaging. Amusing full colour drawings that show us a more dreamy facet of the CHEAP & CHIC girl.

SPRING AND SUMMER. Thanks to its notes, this perfume is an ideal fragrance for the warm days of spring and summer. An aroma which complements high temperatures thanks to its aromatic delicacy.

BATH LINE. SO REAL CHEAP & CHIC also presents its bathroom line, a shower gel and perfumed body lotion to enhance and prolong the durability and projection of its stele, as well as soothing and pampering our skin.
Olfactory groups
Floral Fruity
Release Date
8011003838400 / 8011003838394 / 8011003838387
Olfactory family: Floral Fruity.

Top notes: bitter orange, tangerine orange, raspberry and blackcurrants.

Heart notes: peony, jasmine, rose and magnolia.

Base notes: oak, musk, cedar, ambroxan.
TIPS FOR USE SO REAL CHEAP & CHIC by Moschino, is a fragrance belonging to the Floral Fruity family for women. Its olfactory notes make it a perfect choice for day and night especially in spring and summer.

It has a magnificent sillage and lastingness on the skin.

GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS To prolong the aroma for longer, apply to the inside of the wrists and behind the ear lobes. These pulse zones have a higher temperature than the rest of the body, helping the fragrance evaporate more slowly.

Perfume applied directly on clothes may stain, damage or alter the fabric.

To prolong the wake of the fragrance, we recommend using the other products in the range, such as shower gels, body lotions or deodorants.

CONSERVATION Keep your fragrance out of direct sunlight and away from heat, otherwise its composition could be altered and become little more than a sad reminder of your favorite fragrance.

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