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Maybelline MASTER CONTOUR V-SHAPE duo stick

Highlighter makeup

MASTER CONTOUR V stick by Maybelline , creamy stick makeup with double color to contour the face in the simplest way.

If you love makeup tutorials, cheekbones, professional techniques ... but you don't get those results, don't worry! Maybelline has created this stick for you.

Thanks to its innovative combination of bronzer + illuminator in 1 product, you easily achieve a simple contouring that will mark and highlight the contours of your face.

Its secret lies in its creamy and smooth formula that allows it to be blurred even with the fingers. They also propose a very simple way to start contouring: the V trick. This trick is to draw a V with the ends from each cheekbone to the center of the face. With the tanning side of the stick mark the space just below the cheekbone to add depth. With the illuminating side highlights the points of light just above that line. Blend very well and voilà! Sculpted and defined face.
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Here are some tips to achieve a perfect contouring:

- Using this technique correctly you can lengthen your neck, in addition to making it narrower. Apply the dark shade to the sides of the neck to create the effect of narrowing, and the light shade in the center to optically brighten and lengthen.

- Apply the dark shade in the chin area starting from the jaw towards the chin and finish by tapping the tip of the chin to "trim" it.

- You can mark your neckline with the help of contouring , this will create an effect of volume and definition. Applying the dark tone you can draw the shape of the neckline and with the light tone you can highlight it.

- Applying the product in this area will refine the face and give it expression, use the dark tone just below the cheekbone to create depth and definition and the light tone above the bone to lift the cheekbone.

- With the help of contouring you can show off a finer nose. Apply the dark shade on the sides of the nose to narrow it down and discreetly apply the light shade right on the septum.

- Apply the product starting with a small amount, then you can always emphasize the areas that require it.

- To make the corrections as natural as possible, blend the product perfectly with the help of a specific brush for contouring or a sponge and always in an upward direction, to lift it.

- When you finish your makeup, do not forget to color your face with a blush, since contouring does not give color, but rather molds the face.
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