Jeanne Piaubert WONDERFESS 3D gel redimensionnat fesses

Cellulite cream & treatments

WONDERFESS 3D Gel Redimensionnat Fesses by Jeanne Piaubert. Anti-cellulite treatment inspired by liposculpture that helps to reshape and redefine body contours.

This refreshing gel has a triple action that:

· Reaffirms Reduces the proliferation of adipose tissue that deforms the skin, thus preventing flaccidity.

· Softens. Improves the texture of the skin since it eliminates dreaded 'orange peel' dimpling, while preventing its future appearance.

· Lifts It has an incredible 'push-up' effect that increases the suppleness of the skin and supports tissues.

Thanks to this revolutionary and advanced formula our skin will look firm, smooth and totally embellished.
Its main components include:

· Caffeine, responsible for stimulating fat elimination thanks to its lipolytic properties.

· Chestnut extract, a natural component that favors the elimination of dead cells.

· Almond oil, responsible for in depth skin nourishment.
Apply with a light upwards massage. Follow this step morning and night.
This product is suitable for all skin types.

Combine with other products from the JEANNE PIAUBERT body treatment range, such as the body scrub moisturizers to enhance benefits and achieve excellent results.

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