Clinique MEN moisturizing lotion

Face moisturizer

MOISTURIZING LOTION by Clinique Men. Moisturizing male facial lotion for normal and / or dry skin.

This light moisturising lotion exerts an intense moisturising action on men's skin, immediately eliminating any type of tightness or dryness, and providing a boost of comfort, calm and softness.

Thanks to this hydration contribution, day after day the skin recovers its optimal levels of moisture and creates a protective barrier on the skin, thus favoring the delay of premature aging.

With use, the skin becomes completely toned and supple, perfectly prepared to absorb all the benefits of the next treatment.

An innovative treatment for a young, beautiful and healthy skin.

Hypoallergenic and fragrance free.
Between 18 and 25 years old / Between 26 and 35 years old / Between 36 and 50 years old
Skin type
Combination / Dry
Day and Night
Hypoallergenic / Fragrance Free
Its formula contains:

· Barley Extract, with anti-aging benefits to enhance skin elasticity and tone.

· Extract of Cucumis Sativus or 'Cucumber', known for its moisturizing and whitening properties.

· Sesamum Indicum, a natural humectant that favors the hydration barrier avoiding any leakage and preserving the adequate humidity levels.
This serum is recommended for normal and/or dry male skin. For the product to penetrate skin better for a uniform result, exfoliate skin once a week to ensure its correct regeneration.

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