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How a perfume smells according to your hair color

Perfumes don't smell the same to everyone. While in some people the fragrances are more persistent, in others the aroma changes directly. The natural color of the hair can have some influence on these factors. Depending on whether your hair is blonde, brown or red, and your skin type, the perfume will smell different on you.

Brown skin has more melanin and is therefore more oily. If you apply a perfume that contains oil, the aroma will last much longer on your skin and will be more intense.

Blondes have whiter and drier skin. Floral perfumes are much better, since they last longer. Scented creams are also very suitable for blondes.

Red hair has a skin type similar to that of blondes and therefore the recommendations are the same.

However, fruit and citrus perfumes are recommended more, because in these types of skins they have better persistence.

These recommendations would vary in the case of colored or colored hair, since the PH characteristics of the skin are related to those of natural hair.

But, whether your hair is natural or if you color it with dyes , color baths or other hairdressing products , your essence remains. Therefore, always choose a fragrance that goes with you.

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