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Frizzy hair? The best anti-frizz products for your hair care

The frizz or frizz of the hair is a very common problem.
It affects the appearance of your hair, making it look very fluffy, disheveled and with an irregular outline.

Why is your hair frizzy?

The most common causes of frizzy hair are low humidity, lack of hydration, the chemicals in some hair dyes and straighteners, poor diet, and prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun, irons, and dryers.

How to avoid hair frizz?

To keep your hair frizz-free, we recommend hydrating it with a conditioner or shampoo for frizzy hair, washing it with warm water, drying it with a soft microfiber towel, not abusing chemicals or straighteners, and not using the air dryer hot.

The best products for frizzy hair

Anti-frizz shampoo

UNIQ ONE shampoos from Revlon and Liss Unlimited Shampoo from L'Oréal Professionnel are two of the best treatments for frizzy hair. In addition, both protect and hydrate the hair, add shine and softness, and prevent tangles.

Anti-frizz hair mask

The mask Orofluido Mask is an anti - frizz treatment designed to restore hair in minutes. It also creates a layer that keeps it in perfect condition while you submit it to heat treatments.

Serum for frizzy hair

OSIS MAGIC , by Schawarzkopf, is an anti-frizz serum that protects your hair in wet conditions and keeps it smooth, silky and manageable throughout the day.

Anti-frizz spray

In addition to helping to prevent frizz, Kérastase K laque noire Spray Fixer allows you to create long-lasting styles with a glossy finish. For its part, EIMI dynamic fix, by Wella, produces a natural fixation and forms a shield against frizz, heat and UV rays.

Anti-frizz oil

Another effective anti-frizz treatment from Schawarzkopf is BC OIL MIRACLE oil . Its formula nourishes the hair, and gives it a spectacular shine and pleasant softness.

Brushes for frizzy hair

The most effective brushes to eliminate frizz are those with natural bristles or wooden teeth. The Beter brand stands out for making brushes of this kind.

Recommended brands of anti-frizz products

To prevent your hair from frizzing, choose a professional styling product . ICON , Kérastase , L'Oréal Professionnel , Orofluido , Redken , Revlon , Schawarzkopf and Wella are the best exponents of the sector.

Answers to frequently asked questions about frizzy hair

What is the cause of hair frizz?

Frizziness in hair is often the result of poor hydration or nutrition, overexposure to heat, hair damage, and static.

What to do so that the hair does not frizz?

Avoid wetting your hair with hot water, wash it with an anti-frizz shampoo that deeply hydrates it and comb it with a natural bristle brush or wooden teeth.

How to dry your hair so that it does not frizz?

Remove excess water with a soft microfiber towel and let it dry on its own. If you want to speed up the process with a hair dryer, regulate the temperature so that the air does not come out too hot.

How to care for frizzy curly hair?

Use only the best products for frizzy curly hair, such as setting sprays, serums, and specialty oils. And if your hair is damaged, then apply a repair mask or some other anti-frizz hair treatment .

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