Yves Saint Laurent PARIS

Eau de Toilette spray for woman


Paris by Yves Saint Laurent is an “Eau de Toilette“ for women with a floral touch. It is a tribute to Paris, the city of love. A city that exudes romanticism in all its innermost points, before a landscape full of tenderness and chic elegance.

This fragrance was created in 1983 by the perfumer Sophia Grojsman. She wanted to express in Paris the love of the YSL company for the female figure, and she wanted to transmit through her scent the classic powdery aroma that this essence gives off. With it, we will be able to travel to the centre of the French capital, walk along the Champs Élysées, observe the calm waters of the Seine River and breathe the loving atmosphere of the Eiffel Tower.

Its soft and delicate wake begins with floral aromas of violet and orange blossom, combined with the characteristic freshness of bergamot, creating a halo of tenderness. This is followed by a floral bouquet of May rose and lily, full of femininity and subtlety. At the end, we can appreciate a background where woody notes, full of sensuality, rest.

REFINED WOMEN. This fragrance is inspired by a fine woman, who has an overwhelming natural elegance. A woman who doesn't like to stand out and loves discretion.

LOVE. Paris is a tribute to love. But not love for a man, but love for life, pleasure, culture, sensations, an immense love for oneself and one's surroundings.

MARRAKECH. In this city there are gardens towards which Yves Saint Laurent feels an unconditional love. In them, we can find unique and exclusive roses, from which the designer was inspired for the creation of this perfume.
Olfactory groups
Release Date
Sophia Grojsman
3365440002166 / 3365440002173 / 3365440002197
Olfactory family: Floral.

Top notes: Bergamot, violet and orange blossom.

Middle notes: May rose and lily.

Base notes: Vetiver and sandalwood.

Paris Eau de Toilette by YSL is a floral fragrance for women. Because of its scent notes, it is intended for use both day and night and in a timeless way. its fixation on the skin is moderate and moderately long-lasting. This fragrance is recommended for women who love life and are in love with love, therefore, no age range can be defined.


To prolong the scent longer, apply your fragrance to your wrists and behind the earlobe. These areas pulse having a temperature above the rest of the body, and this will help the fragrance to evaporate slower. Avoid spraying perfume onto your clothes as it can stain, damage and alter certain fabrics. To prolong the scent of the fragrance, we recommend using products from the same range as shower gel, body lotions or deodorants.


Protect your fragrance from direct sunlight and heat, otherwise it could alter the composition of the fragrance and escape.

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