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Tigi BED HEAD urban anti-dotes re-energize shampoo

Colorcare shampoo

BED HEAD Urban Anti-Dotes Re-Energize Shampoo by Tigi. An energizing and revitalizing shampoo for damaged hair.

Does your active lifestyle take its toll on your hair? Do you only see darkness and opacity over it? Relax, relax and join this shampoo urgently.

Its formula exerts a moisturising cure on the hair, restoring it to life and filling it with ease, shine and softness, while gently and moderately cleaning the scalp and fibre.

In addition, it improves colour retention and repairs damage caused by dyes and/or discolouration, avoiding dragging them along or changing their shade.

Did you see that? With Tigi there is nothing to worry about but smiling and showing off your hair.
Hair type
Damaged / Dyed
Its main ingredients are:

· Cocamidopropyl Betaine, cleans, conditions and thickens hair.

· Citral, strengthens hair and adds shine.

· Polyquartenary·10, it seals the cuticles and improves the colour fixation.

· Polystyrene, softens the cuticles.

· Carbomer, helps to preserve weture on the hair.

· Glycol Diestearate, helps detangling.
This shampoo is intended for users of damaged and/or dyed hair.

For greater effectiveness, we recommend the use of complementary products from the same treatment line.
Massage the product into damp hair with your fingers until it lathers. Start by touching the scalp and proceed to rub the middle and ends.

Once finished, rinse with plenty of warm or cold water (never too hot as it dries out the hair fibre). Finally, apply the usual conditioner.
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