Nivea HYALURON CELLULAR FILLER contour mascarilla facial

Face mask

HYALURON CELLULAR FILLER CONTOUR 10 minutes sheet mask from Nivea . A serum-impregnated biodegradable tissue mask with a high content of Hyaluronic Acid and a Collagen Activating Booster to fill wrinkles and redefine facial contours in just 10 minutes.

This tissue mask gives the skin its youthful appearance thanks to its ingredients that activate cells to produce their own collagen. It is impregnated in the equivalent of half serum filled with hyaluronic acid and collagen activator for an instant effect x3: hydrated, firmer and more voluminous skin.

It is recommended to use twice a week and can provide an extra freshness when stored in the refrigerator before application. Apply to clean, dry skin of the face. Spread the white part on the skin, leaving the blue part out. Adjust on the face and remove the blue protective part so that the mask is impregnated with assets. Leave to act for 10 min. Remove the mask by lifting it at the ends and use a cotton pad to remove any product residue.

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