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VIVA LA JUICY NOIR by Juicy Couture is a women's "Eau de Parfum" launched in 2013 that stands out for its Floral, Fruity and Gourmand character. This perfume is emblazoned with the image of the brand's muse, a sensual daring woman who loves haute couture.

For the 'Juicy Couture girl' enough is never enough, any night is short, every day she aspires to something better than the previous one, and there will always be a dress more beautiful than the one she wore yesterday. Thus, this fragrance embodies a striking, captivating and addictive creation, inspired by a successful woman, who is much admired and gives off glamor wherever she goes.

Its stele starts with a fruity and sweet combination, created with the fusion of wild berries and mandarin. Then, its floral facet comes to light, a mixture of gardenia, jasmine and honeysuckle which exalts the femininity of the essence, giving way then, to its most seductive side, the Gourmand, sweet and sweet under the influence of amber, sandalwood, vanilla and candy.

EDIBLE SCENT. Thanks to its Gourmand character, this perfume becomes a whim immediately. Its sweet and naughty notes conquer all, so we will never go unnoticed from the first moment we spray it on our skin.

HAUTE COUTURE. As we all know, Juicy Couture is a haute couture brand, and this is demonstrated in all its olfactory creations where it expresses its style on the perfume packaging. On this occasion a striking black satin bow embraces the neck of a fuchsia bottle, which follows the same lines as the others in the VIVA LA JUICY family.

YOUTHFUL AUDIENCE. As is customary, the brand directs its olfactory creations towards a young audience.. Bold girls, active and lovers of good taste, willing to create a personal seal with their scent.
Olfactory groups
Floral Fruity
Release Date
0719346167062 / 0719346167079
Olfactory family: Floral Fruity Gourmand.

Top notes: wild berries, mandarin and cassis.

Heart notes: gardenia, honeysuckle and jasmine.

Base notes: sandalwood, amber, vanilla and caramel.
TIPS FOR USE VIVA LA JUICY NOIR by Juicy Couture is a fragrance belonging to the Floral Fruity Gourmand family for women. Its olfactory notes suggest it is designed for warmer seasons, especially during the day.

Good skin sillage and lastingness.

GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS To prolong the aroma for longer, apply to the inside of the wrists and behind the ear lobes. These pulse zones have a higher temperature than the rest of the body, helping the fragrance evaporate more slowly.

Perfume applied directly on clothes may stain, damage or alter the fabric.

To prolong the wake of the fragrance, we recommend using the other products in the range, such as shower gels, body lotions or deodorants.

CONSERVATION Keep your fragrance out of direct sunlight and away from heat, otherwise its composition could be altered and become little more than a sad reminder of your favorite fragrance.

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