Clinique ANTI-BLEMISH SOLUTIONS clearing concealer

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Clinique ANTI-BLEMISH SOLUTIONS Clearing Concealer camouflages pimples, reduces their inflammation and eliminates them completely.

This concealer is created specifically to cover and treat the grains. Its oil-free texture is enriched with agents that treat them to diminish and prevent their appearance.

It can be used individually or before makeup. Suitable for all skin types with acne tendency. Avoid eye contact.
Skin type
With acne / All skin types
Hypoallergenic / Fragrance Free
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Main ingredients:

· Laminaria Saccharina extract, rich in vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts.

· Caffeine, that acts as a skin conditioner softening its texture for better absorption.

Clinique products are mineral oil-free and fragrance-free.
Making a good use of the concealer helps to blur small imperfections and dark circles. The following tips are recommended to achieve excellent results:

- Choose the correct tone. It should always be a lighter shade than the natural tone of your skin. Avoid darker shades, since you would get the opposite effect; or even clearer, since you will create an anti-mask effect.

- If you apply the concealer before the makeup base, do not apply after it on the corrected areas.

- If you are looking for an illuminating effect, use the product on the basis of makeup, so you will achieve a clean and light finish.

- Apply the product on the area to be corrected, whatever the method of application (brush, sponge or fingertip), and spread it with gentle strokes. You will stimulate the microcirculation and the skin will adopt a healthy tone.

- If you are going to correct pimples, you should spread the product with a sponge in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria from the hands.

- Fix the product with a thin layer of powder.

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