Chanel continues to dazzle with its superiority in the field of cosmetics, leaving its mark of professionalism and sophistication in its famous cream for the eye contour area Sublimage the crème yeux: a powerful cutting-edge treatment that will enhance the beauty and naturalness of your eyes. The effectiveness of this great cream is its performance in such a sensitive area as the eye contour, thanks to its ingredients, difficult to obtain and of high quality: this is the planifolia, extracted from a type of orchid from Madagascar called "vanilla planifolia". This substance contains a big amount of "polyketones", a powerful ingredient of the family of the polymers that enhances some biological factors, such as stopping the deterioration of our skin due to the passage of time. In addition to helping us to slow down the effects of time, other active plant components, such as the "Shea Butter" (known by its powerful regenerative and soothing effects) or the rapeseed oil, will provide us with all the necessary nutrients that our skin needs to offer its best look and health. By applying this treatment often, we will be able to fight against the problems of skin dehydration, loss of firmness, or pigmentation, including other problems related with the age. We will achieve a rejuvenated, firm and bright look in just a few weeks of its application! As a result, this one has become one of the star products of the company, becoming recognized as one of the most luxurious and viable options to fight the passage of time, especially in such a sensitive area as our eyes.
Foundation makeup SUBLIMAGE LE TEINT teint crème Chanel
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