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How to apply reducing cosmetics

We already discussed what the main ingredients should be so that
a specific product to improve cellulite is effective, but how to apply it?

Your application

Perhaps this is the key, along with the components, that makes these products effective. If a product has the best technology and the most selected ingredients but is not applied properly, results will never be achieved.

Find out the correct way to apply your specific product and follow its recommendations step by step. And never forget that you have to be patient and consistent to see results.

As basic recommendations we tell you the following:

  • Take the opportunity to apply them just after showering or bathing, your skin will be more receptive.
  • Perform weekly body scrubs to promote the regeneration of your skin and guarantee the penetration of the active ingredients.
  • Apply the specific products in the necessary areas but never forget to hydrate the rest of the body with nourishing milk or oils.
  • You must perform the massages in enveloping movements. The ideal is to help you with massagers to improve circulation and improve the intensity of movements.
  • It is also very good to combine a heat product and finish with a cold one (both must be specific to treat cellulite).
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