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How to keep your perfume

We know what aromas we like, their dominant notes, how to apply them, tricks to make them last longer and even curiosities, but ...
Do we know how to take care of a perfume?

Next we will give you some tips for its optimal conservation and complete enjoyment.

The most common mistake often made is its location. What is the most common place where we leave a perfume? Due to proximity and relationship with our grooming habits, the most common place is usually the bathroom.
The fact that it is the most common (and even logical) site does not imply that it is the most suitable. In the bathroom, a perfume is subjected to changes in temperature (in particular, excessive heat), changes in humidity and, perhaps, it is exposed to too much light.

Ideally, if possible, it would be to keep them in their box and in a dry and not very hot place.

Jars that are too large with a larger quantity of product have a greater risk of spoiling sooner if they are not used. The ideal is to distribute it in a smaller dispenser , so that we can consume it without altering the properties of the rest of the perfume.

In this sense, the Travalo travel vaporizer is ideal, not only for adjusting the perfume, but also for carrying a small amount necessary in the bag without affecting the entire fragrance, since movement, for example in bags, also alters the composition of perfumes.

Another unhealthy habit for the conservation of a perfume is usually to reserve it for special moments. We tend to see it as an object of value, even luxury, and this idea can lead us to dose its use in excess. Obviously, perfumes can be seen as very special objects, as important and necessary for many as a garment.

But an important factor must be taken into account when limiting its use excessively: its expiration date . Perfumes also expire, so you better not get used to reserving it only for special moments or, at the time of applying it, its composition and, therefore, its aroma will have been altered.

Perfume is a pleasure.
Enjoy it every day because, after all, every day can be special, right?

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